Kindle Australia Buyer’s Guide

Amazon has launched new kindle reader called the kindle paperwhite. The new version features stunning resolution with 62% more pixels. Contrast is further enhanced by adjustable front-light which makes background whiter. Kindle paperwhite is not available for Australia but you can order it using international shop and ship service.

In 2012, Kindle 4 without touchscreen has been redesigned to Kindle 5. Body is in black color and looks more elegant. Added features are new hand-tuned fonts and parenteral control. Read instructions, tips and guides from our new blog about Kindle Australia.

Amazon Kindle price list update (Australia)

Product model* (ship to Australia) Big W/Dick Smith Other Retailers
Kindle 5 (2012) $100.98 $119 $149
Kindle 4 (2011) $120.98 $139 $189
Kindle Touch WiFi $150.98 $185 $229**
Kindle Touch 3g $200.98 $249 $279**
Kindle 3 (keyboard) WiFi+3G $200.98 $219 $249
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* Price from already includes shipping cost
** Some retailers sell ads-included version (so-called special offers)

Which kindle should I buy in Australia?

Kindle fire VS e-ink kindle

If you want an e-book reader in Australia I recommend the new e-ink kindle. The Fire is an Android tablet which is primary functions are for musics, videos, internet and games. It is currently available to US only due to digital contents restriction. Some features of kindle fire will not work outside U.S. including streaming videos and the App store!

The e-ink kindle

New kindle (2011-2012) is the light version for starter. It has same e-ink display as previous generation. There’s no physical keyboard. Navigation and typing have to be done using 5-way controller. Battery life lasts for 1 month and no support for audio files and text-to-speech. This basic e-reader is perfect for pure readers who only use it to read.

Kindle Touch WiFi is top-of-the-line e-readers available right now. It has full options including touch screen, text-to-speech and longer battery life (2 months). Also featured on kindle touch is “X-ray” which allows you to scan a character, historical figures, and interesting phrase. With touch screen, you can easily surf the web, take notes, or look up words in dictionary.

Kindle Touch 3G has free 3g connection. You can buy and download e-books without WiFi connection. It’s more convenient and perfect for travelers because Amazon offers free 3g service in more than 100 countries.

Where should I buy a new kindle 4 in Australia?

I recommend buying a kindle at Amazon US store. Price is always cheaper than Australian retailers. Your kindle will be automatically associated with your amazon account so buying e-books is just one step ahead. Amazon sometime offers special price on accessories such as cover and charger.

Service/Seller Local store
Price See above See above
Delivery 2-5 days Next day
Accessories More to choose, cheaper price Limited styles, usually more expensive
Warranty Yes Yes

Step by step guide to buy a kindle in Australia

1. To buy a kindle from amazon, make sure you go to  Sale Page for Australia.

  • Kindle 5 for shipping to Australia – click here (new)
  • Kindle Touch for shipping to Australia – click here
  • Kindle Touch 3g for shipping to Australia- click here

If you accidentally land on a wrong page, you may find a blue bar like this one.

2. Choose Australia and add kindle/kindle touch to your shopping cart. Explore kindle accessories store and add cover/adapter as you need.

Don’t forget to check for special discount on accessories when purchase with a new e-reader.

3. Proceed to check out. If you don’t have an Amazon account, you have to create one at this step. During check out, you have to provide shipping address and payment method. There are two shipping options you can choose :

  • Expedited International Shipping costs $11.98 (approx. within 1 week)
  • Priority International Courier costs $20.98 (approx. 2-5 days)

During check out, guaranteed arrival date and total costs will be displayed before your order is final. No extra tax will be collected when your kindle arrives in Australia.


Kindle purchased from Amazon also includes 1 year warranty. You can talk to Amazon’s online support to ask for change if your kindle broke. UPS service will pick it up at your office in Australia and a new one will be sent to you (usually arrives within 1 week).

Don’t be tricked : Kindle with special offers

You may notice that there are kindles with special offer which have lower price on “Special offers” means they come with sponsored ads and cheaper price. The ads target customers in the U.S. So they’re currently not available for international shipping.

If you’re going to buy a kindle from local store, don’t forget to check if it is a kindle with special offers. Some retailers in Australia imported this ads-included version and sell it at unreasonably high price.

We have to thanks Tayla who mentioned this in her comment.